We see a variety of adolescent and adult patients who are experiencing head and neck pain. Whether you are just starting to look for answers to solve your or your child’s pain problems or have experienced failed treatments in the past, you can find the help you’re looking for with us.

When Are Patients Seen?

All consultations are scheduled promptly at 8am on Mondays and Tuesdays. Your appointment with Brian Shah, MD will be a full day experience.

You could be here as late as 8pm or 9pm. We ask our patients not to drive or fly home until the day after the appointment because there is no guarantee how long you could be here.

Consultation Fees

The initial consultation is $2,100. Patients can pay by cashier’s check or credit card the morning of the consultation.

The consultation fee includes a complete workup during your full day experience.

Your consultation requires an MRI scan of the TMJ taken by Diagnostic Imaging at Baywalk. This is considered an outside service and is a separate fee of $650. It will be performed during your consultation day.

Imaging Center

Diagnostic Imaging at Baywalk is about 3 blocks north of the office of Brian Shah, MD
129 1st Ave North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701
P: (727) 896-2273
F: (727) 895-2554

During Your Consultation, You Will Have:

  • A meeting with Dr. Shah
  • A review your history of treatments and traumas with our Physician Assistant, Jeff Thompson
  • Impressions of your teeth and bite records mounted on an articulator
  • Facial and occlusal (bite) photographs taken
  • A diagnostic Doppler examination, which allows us to listen to joint sounds
  • An examination with the doctor
  • A CT Scan of the TMJ, including the airway and sinuses
  • A MR Scan of the TMJ at Diagnostic Imaging at Baywalk
  • Possible diagnostic nerve blocks, if advised in the consultation
  • Video education about the TMJ and various pain patterns
  • A consultation with a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment options

After the workup is completed, a doctor will answer all of your questions, present recommendations for treatment and develop a plan of action.

What to Bring To Your Consultation:

  • Our completed records
  • An updated chronology of your problem and reports from other doctors, such as operative reports, laboratory reports, consult letters and imaging reports
  • Contact information of your referring doctor, including their email
  • Old photos of you if your face has undergone changes because of your condition
  • Facial CT if you have it
  • Actual MR of TMJ, neck or brain

Do not bring office notes, legal files and scans taken outside the head and neck region.

You will also have a break for lunch and some down time throughout the day. We recommend bringing something to occupy your time: books, magazines, laptop, etc... It is always wise to bring a sweater because of the office temperature.

Can My Family Come?

Absolutely, a family or a friend is a wonderful support system and are always welcome.

Can My Doctor Come?

Yes, your doctor may attend as a family member. They may follow you, the patient, through your experience. Please note that all patients must consent to allow another doctor to join their visit.

Clinic Location

We are located in The Signature Place Tower on the bottom floor. There is on the street parking in front of the clinic or in the parking garage across the street. The office of Brian Shah, MD is within walking distance to many downtown hotels, restaurants and shops. See our Directions web page for detailed driving directions and a map.

Where to Stay

There are several hotels within a short walking distance of our office. You may view a list of local hotels and approved rental properties on the Accommodations web page. If you are unsure, please ask one of our patient care coordinators to assist you with your accommodation.

Getting Around

If you don’t plan to leave downtown St. Petersburg during your stay, your own two feet are the best way to get around while seeing the sights. There are several miles of waterfront parks, museums, restaurants and stores within a short walking distance from the office.

If you want to visit other area attractions, such as the Gulf Beaches and theme parks in Tampa, you may need to rent a car, take a cab or rely on the public transportation system. The Gulf beaches are 12 miles from downtown St. Petersburg, about an 18 minute car ride taking I-275 south to Pinellas Bayway.

After the Consultation

At the end of the week, we will send you your records via our patient portal. You will receive images of the CT scan, MRI scan, photos of the bite and, CT and MRI dictations, your updated history, Dr. Shah's complete dictation summarizing his findings and recommendations. The doctors you listed on your consent form will also receive copies of these records. We schedule a follow up appointment in person or by phone, a few weeks later, after you've had time to review your records.


Although we do not accept any insurance, our staff will give you a claim form that includes all applicable procedure codes and diagnosis codes. You can then submit to your medical insurance carrier. Your medical insurance company should reimburse you directly.

Please feel free to contact our office at (727) 823-3220 with your insurance-related questions.
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